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Landscape, Nature/Wildlife, Fine Art, photographer based in New Holstein, Wisconsin. I have been a photographer for over 40 years. My interest today allows me be creative in may ways. I look for a new perspective in all the images I create. My images are available as Originals (one of a kind), Limited Editions (editions not more then ten per image) and Open editions. 


Today with digital photography, you need to be much more than just a photographer. To me it is being an Artist of Photography.  This includes an education in photography, the ability to create your own work, from concept to the finished print or a unique process of your own.

I firmly believe that to be an artist in photography you need to be able to complete at least 75% of your work within your own studio. This allows you to use professional labs to assist you in creating extremely large prints, or images printed on aluminum or other new materials.

All of my prints are archival quality, which means that they are printed with the best possible papers, ink and equipment. My work consists of both Original and Limited Edition prints, all which are numbered and signed (00/00). The original print will be one of a kind and will not be duplicated in any form. Limited Editions will be made in editions of 10 or less of any given image.The images I photograph; I make unique in their own way.  I do not like images that are shot in the same location as others. I see to many prints time and time again which look like the photographers were standing on an “X” to get the same identical shot.  In other words, Be Creative!

Starting in 2016 most of my work will be black and white prints, and printed on fine art papers. Hahnemühle Fine Art papers and Epson Legacy, are my papers of choice for Original prints and Epson Hot and Cold press for Limited Editions.. When an original image is printed on Hahnemühle papers, each print will have a serialized numbered hologram on the backside of the print along with a matching hologram on a certificate. Each serial numbered original print will also be registered with the Hahnemühle Paper Co. in Germany.

I hope the people who attend my shows appreciate what I do. I want the people to appreciate how I shoot and create unique ways to show myself through my work.



It was in the early 1970’s when my interest in photography started. After going to The School of Modern Photography, my interest grew. I started doing portraits and weddings, but this was not what I wanted to do. I did not see this as much of an art form and I had a strong interest in Nature and Fine Art Photography and abstract paintings.

In early 2000 I started to get an interest in digital photography. I found this to be the medium I was looking for, and today, this is where my interest lies. Digital photography gave me the freedom to abstract or manipulate images. Sometimes after I process the pictures, they just don’t fit the image I was looking for. I look “inside” of the photo to try to find something hidden. This is where the abstract and image manipulation takes place. Exploring the world of abstracts, created with the camera, is both challenging and rewarding.

Most of my images are printed in my studio using only the highest quality printers, paper and inks. This way I have complete control of the outcome of my work. They are all printed using Archival and Acid Free Products. All of my images will be signed and numbered as Orgional or Limited Edition Prints. (00/00).

The best part about being a professional photographer is not only getting out and taking pictures, but also sharing my interest with others. Whether it is explaining one of my manipulated images or simply sharing my knowledge in photography.

I hope you enjoy my work.

The HDD rating is given to photographers who have been awarded an Honorary Degree of Distinction in the Photographic Arts and Sciences.


Life Time Membership - IFPO International Freelance Photographers Organization

Hall of Fame Member - IFPO

Nature Photographer Magazine (Field Contributor)

Sheboygan Visual Artists

Kohler Arts Center

Plymouth Arts Center

Wisconsin Visual Artists

Lakeshore Artist Guild