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Long Stem Rose #5, OPEN EDITION, Small Image SeriesLong Stem Rose #8, OPEN EDITION, Small Image SeriesSerenity Limited Edition Small Image SeriesMarsh Marigold, Open Edition, Small Image SeriesBill Noris Yellow Daylily, Open Edition, Small Image SeriesPattern Study #2, LIMITED EDITION, Small Image Series SIS #8Red and Yellow Daylily, OPEN EDITION, Small Image SeriesRed Rose, OPEN EDITION, Small Image SeriesReflection of Light B/W Version, LIMITED EDTION, Small ImageSeriesSerenity, LIMITED EDITION, Small Image Series.South African Lion (The King) OPEN EDITION , Small image seriesWhite Elephant Palm, Limited EditionWhite Elephant Palm Blue/Green Tones Limited Edition, Small Image Series.White Elephant Palm Yellow Tones Limited Edition Small Image SeriesWhite Elephant Palm Blue Tones Limited Edition Small Image SeriesGraffiti at Anderson's Dock Small Image SeriesAlien Tomatos  OPEN EDITIONCloudy Skies #1 Limited Edition Small Image SeriesAmerican GoldFinch Open Edition Small Image SeriesMighty Oak Open Edition