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Ride Captain Ride.

Color version released on April 2015
B/W version released 01/2020
The S/V Denis Sullivan is a replica three-masted, wooden, gaff rigged schooner from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is a flagship of both the state of Wisconsin and of the United Nations Environment Programme.
This image was taken along Lake Michigan near Milwaukee WI, USA. The ship was spotted departing a late afternoon fog. The seagull was not added. He happened to fly into the frame at the right time. The image was adjusted in Photoshop to give it an older look.
As an open edition print, three have been sold.
1 - 10x8
1 - 6x6
The edition will be closed after the fourth sale, closing as a Limited Edition.

ONE PRINT LEFT Black & White
32" x 15" Mounted in a Frosted Walnut Metalline frame.
Frame OD 32" x 15"

Please contact my studio thru the contact page for price including shipping. Please include your shipping address. Prices shown are for the print only.
Ride Captain Ride.