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New Hampshire Red Chicken

New Hampshire Red Chicken
The New Hampshire Red or New Hampshire is an American breed of chicken. It was developed in the early twentieth century in the state of New Hampshire by selective breeding of Rhode Island Red stock; no other breed was involved. It is fast-growing, early-maturing, quick-feathering, and yields a meaty carcass.
Primary use, Eggs and meat.

This is an Original series. You will receive one positive and one negative image of this print. There will be only one images made of this print, being signed and numbered by the artist. Each print is 6" x 4" and mounted in an 8x10 mat & ready for framing, if not framed already.

Starting July 27th, 2023 this image can be purchased at Village Art and Created Goods. They are located at 1202 W. Washington Ave, Cleveland WI. 53015

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New Hampshire Red Chicken