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About Our Portfolios
This collecti0n of prints was created for my friends and followers who would love to collect photographic art but have no room to display prints or store them.
These beautiful portfolios can be displayed laying down on an end-table or stored in a drawer or on a bookshelf for easy access. They take-up less space than a book.
Rather than standing, and walking around room to room viewing your prints, you can now sit, relax, and view your personal collection of photographic images.
In each portfolio there will be several images for your enjoyment, rather than spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on one piece of wall art. Each image can be handheld and studied up close for you to enjoy.
If one of the images catches your eye and you need to have it displayed on your wall, we would be happy to assist you in creating that image exactly to the size that fits your needs. Just contact us thru the contact page on our website,, or email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 920-286-2726.
Always remember,
Enjoy What You See & See What You Enjoy!
Thank You,
Dennis W. Ninmer
Artist of Photography

This Portfolio consists of (8) 5x7 prints all printed on Fine Art heavy weight paper.
Please contact us for pricing. Free shipping in the lower 48 states.