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Downy Hawthorn Tree Abstract

Downy Hawthorn Tree Abstract
Serial No. 131707
Released on 04/28/17
This print size is 13x19 printed on Hahnemühle Museum Etching 350gsm paper.

This image of a Downy Hawthorn tree, was taken, December of 2016 in New Holstein Kiwanis Park. The tree with red berries and the snow, made for an interesting subject. There are six images taken as I walked around the tree. I then combined the images to make the abstract as you see it.

Print size 13x19 mounted in a 18x24 mat.

This will be the only print made of this image in black and white. It will be issued with its own hologram serial number 131707 which is on the backside of the print and on the certificate. It will then be registered with the Hahnemühle Paper Co. in Dassel, Germany.
Please contact my studio thru the contact page for price including shipping. Please include your shipping address. If requested, I can send images of the framed print and its pricing.
Downy Hawthorn Tree Abstract