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Flowing Waters

Flowing Waters
Abstract image. ORIGINAL
Release date 01/01/2020
This print size is 16" x 12" printed on Epson Premium Semimatte Paper
Print can be sold without frame.

This image was taken at Bond Falls in Upper Michigan. It is an up-close side view of the falls, which was then created into a Symmetry Vertical print. Look closely and you will see a wine glass with water flowing in from each side. In the lower center you will see part of the glass stem.
Stand in front of the falls, walk around to the left side and climb up next to the water’s edge, this is the view I used to create this image

The image was exhibited in a
ArtAsPoetry, PoetryAsArt event at Basil Ishkabibble's in Two Rivers WI. Coordinated by the Lakeshore Artists Guild. It inspired a poem written by Peggy Turnbull, "Water Gushes To Rock"
This Poem will be include in the sale of the print.

" Water Gushes To Rock"
That I am with you, ever
That I endeavor
to lunge and fall over walls
of magma cooled and grayed
ripe for my cascades
You do not thwart me
The spider silk and true of me
The ruckus and renew of me
splits and trips
over your promontory
I zing and zoom in praise of you
Satin winks over stones
Freshets Burst free
Your cracks and crests
amuse me
bounce between
the vapor-beads
of our infinite capacity
Earth struck a tree
into your igneous skin
and commanded me
to rush into radiance
to break through
and in
and out
of you
by Peggy Turnbull
Manitowoc, Wisconsin.
Flowing Waters