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Liuhua Tower Image #1

Liuhua Tower Image #1
This is an ORIGINAL print.

Serial Number 246708.
Liuhua Tower, Dongguan, China,

This tower was built in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty (1573-1620). This pomegranate pagoda is located on the Bank of Dongjiang River on Dongcheng Street.

This images printed on Hahnemühle, William Turner 310gsm paper.
Print Size 23" x 17"
The Print is mounted in hand metal Wrought Bronze Frame.
Frame OD 23" x 17"
This print can be purchased without the frame.

This will be the only print made of this image. It will be issued, its own hologram serial number 246708, which is on the backside of the print and on the certificate. It will then be registered with the Hahnemühle Paper Co. in Dassel, Germany.

Please contact my studio thru the contact page for price including shipping. Please include your shipping address. If requested, I can send images of the print frame
Liuhua Tower Image #1