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A Mix of Color (Digitally Enhanced HDR Print).  OPEN EDITIONBoston Harbors. (Digitally Enhanced Print).  OPEN EDITIONCana Island Lighthouse (Brown Textured Digitally Enhanced Print). OPEN EDITIONDWN Self Portrait, B/W  2020 OPEN EDITIONFlight in Motion. (Impressionist Style Print) OPEN EDITIONForest Abstract, Door County. Photoshop, OPEN EDITIONGeese Flying. Digitally Enhanced OPEN EDITIONLooking Thru A Porthole, Abstract. OPEN EDITIONNature Repeated OPEN EDITIONCana Island Lighthouse Full Color Abstract. OPEN EDITIONPortrait of Dolly (Dolly Stokes) OPEN EDITIONTranquil Sunrise OPEN EDITIONWacky Winter  OPEN EDITION