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A Mix of Color (Digitally Enhanced HDR Print Released 2016).  OPEN EDITIONAlien Tomatos  (2021) OPEN EDITIONBoston Harbors. (Digitally Enhanced Print).  OPEN EDITIONCana Island Lighthouse (Brown Textured Digitally Enhanced Print). OPEN EDITIONDWN Self Portrait, B/W  2020 OPEN EDITIONFlight in Motion. (Impressionist Style Print) OPEN EDITIONForest Abstract, Door County. Photoshop, OPEN EDITIONGeese Flying. Digitally Enhanced OPEN EDITIONLooking Thru A Porthole, Abstract. OPEN EDITIONNature Repeated OPEN EDITIONCana Island Lighthouse Full Color Abstract. OPEN EDITIONPortrait of Dolly (Dolly Stokes) OPEN EDITIONReflections (Sailboat Mast) OPEN EDITION 2023Tranquil Sunrise OPEN EDITIONWacky Winter  OPEN EDITION